Welcome to Nonprofit Adventures™!

Guiding Community Leaders to Fundraising Success and a Mission Possible

Nonprofit Adventures™ equips nonprofit leaders to feel more confident in fundraising, be more successful and achieve greater mission impact through networking, collaboration, online courses and classroom based training.

As a nonprofit leader, I am certain you have felt:

  • Nervous about asking for larger gifts
  • Frustrated by the lack of resource to address critical human needs
  • Confused and unsure of how to identify or attract funding
  • Disconnected, alone or unknown in the community

What if, instead, you could feel:

  • Confident in knowing who to ask, when to ask and how to ask for charitable gifts
  • Excitement at expanding services and community involvement that can make a dent in the unmet need
  • Clear and focused on the priorities that yield the greatest return in giving
  • Connected with growing name recognition and respect as a champion of change

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"The information was exactly what I needed. I look forward to use what I learned to improve my future grants. It was so helpful when you used my nonprofit as an example for how to work through the application. Your class has made a big difference for our foundation. Thank you again!

Lisa Laubet

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